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I'll post what I ordered and Pat can correct/ammend the items when he has time:

Here is a segment of the parts diagram for the item #'s:

Item, Part#, Quantity, Description
33, P0555033, 1, Tension Knob Bolt
133, P0555133, 1, Lever Rod
135, P0555135, 1, Bushing
137, P0555137, 1, Bracket
140, P0555140, 2, Support Plate
141, P0555141, 1, Fixed Base

Additional Items that you will need (I didn't order them as I will purchase them locally).

2) 5/16-18 bolts 1 1/2"
2) 5/15-18 bolts 3/4"
1) 5/16-18 button cap screw 3/4"
7) 5/16 flat washers
2) 5/16 lock washers
2) 5/16-18 nylon locking nuts
1) 10 mm flat washer or what ever fits

Here is the list of items from the diagram above if you decided to order all the parts from Grizzly (caution -- you might want to review the diagram and the part quantities yourself to make sure you get what you need if you order from Gizzly).

Item, Part#, Quantity, Description
134, PW01M, 6, Flat Washer 8MM
136, PSB82M, 1, Button Cap Screw M8-1.25x20
138, PB15M, 2, Hex Bolt M8-1.25x40
139, P0555139, 2, Nylon Nut M8-1.25
142, PLW04M, 2, Lock Washer 8MM
143, PB09M, 1, Hex Bolt M8-1.25x20

Pat, if you see anything I missed -- jump right in.
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